Trail runner
Records in 2011: 3rd in the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (179.9 km – 10,300 m elevation)
1st in the Lavaredo Trail (Italy,  90 km -  5,300 m elevation)
3rd in the Transgrancanaria (the Canary Islands, 123 km – 5,000 m elevation)

What’s your credo in life?

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!


What has been your credo in life that helps you overcome each challenge?

Actually I do not have anything special at this level but when I get into difficulty, in an event for example, I think of safe pleasant images such as my wife and my children or some moments in life where there are some race incidents which stir me. This gives me a huge boost and allows me to overcome hard times more easily…


Do you have training techniques in order to achieve better performances?

Not particularly, I do almost all of the sessions early in the morning in order to be able to make the most of the rest of the day. This allows me to keep busy and to spend time with my children.


What would be your tip to each person who wants to achieve something in sports?

The advice at this level is very simple… you need to give the body time to adjust.
In order to do this you need to have good recovery sessions in addition to the training sessions because they are an integral part of the schedule. Recovery is very often neglected or taken too lightly, but in my eyes it is the most important factor for performance and for success.
Good planning and good organisation of your recovery is essential and therefore the COMPEX Wireless is a very good tool which allows me to perform for much longer and much more quickly. After a long training session or after a difficult competition…

How do you use COMPEX Wireless?

For me the COMPEX Wireless really provides me with a great advantage in terms of recovery but it is also an asset in the preparation phase. This is part of the little pluses which enable me to make a difference during an event.
The most interesting thing about this system, in addition to its simple use, is the programming which is easy to put in place on the Internet. In fact, after creating your COMPEX Wireless account, all you have to do is to enter your activity, your aim as well as the muscle sectors that you would like to work and the software creates you a small programme which is transferable to your device which then tells you what you have to do during the session. It is a godsend.


What advantages or benefits has the COMPEX Wireless brought to your performance?

I think that I have already explained this a little above but what is really interesting are some of the programmes such as the active recovery or the oxygenation programme which increases the capillary network and therefore increases blood flow and drainage of the muscles.
One of the aspects that I find extremely practical is the lack of wires and connections with the casing which therefore allows for greater freedom and the possibility of using the product anywhere.
You can even use the device as a supplement to work during a muscle-building session, but I cannot tell you more about this at this level because you then need to be accompanied by a coach and I am not going to tell you all my secrets for success…


What are your preferred programmes and when do you use them?

I use the active recovery and oxygenation programmes a lot as well as the supplement to muscle-building…
As for the active recovery I use it within three hours following my session or the event that I have just completed in order for it to be as effective as possible.
The other programmes are used in a training schedule with my fitness trainer and my coach.


What is your ultimate goal in your career?

The pursuit of pleasure and enjoyment. Indeed I would really love to have the abilities that certain mountain animals such as mountain goats or ibexes have of being able to go everywhere and anywhere. These are the images which inspire me most during my training sessions, my competitions and which push me to go further, faster and higher…