MMember of the Swiss national ski team, Olympic downhill champion in Vancouver 2010

In life, what is the mantra which helps you to overcome each challenge?

The desire to always go further!


Do you have training techniques in order to achieve better performances?

I follow a full and methodically based training schedule, which also integrates cycling and running, but which also includes some more recreational activities such as rollerblading and playing racket sports. Something which you could call "polysport", and which is varied and innovative.

What advantages or benefits has the COMPEX Wireless brought you in terms of performances?

Compex Wireless offers me the possibility of carrying out a more varied training programme, notably with combined active work and also the possibility of working with the trainer more easily as he is able to run the programme remotely. On long-distance plane journeys I use the capillarisation programme, and I do it as much as possible in order to aid recovery after events.

What are your preferred programmes, and when do you use them?

Primarily the recovery programme after competition or training, and the capillarisation programme during journeys but don’t forget the combined strength and speed work in the plyometrics programme. It then makes training more varied and I try to find out my muscular limits in order for them to be surpassed.

What is your ultimate goal in terms of sport?

Sotchi in 2014, the gold medal in downhill.